What is a foundation?

A community foundation is a tax-exempt, public charity that exists to help donors carry out their charitable wishes for a community. In addition, a community foundation provides charitable, educational, and human service grants to organizations within the area. Thirdly, a community foundation serves as a neutral convener and collaborator to work with individuals and organizations toward finding solutions to unmet community needs.

Why was Bigfork Valley Community Foundation created?

In 2008, the Bigfork Valley Hospital Board of Directors felt that it was important to look at additional ways that it could help to strengthen our local communities within our hospital district and support their growth into the future.

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the Foundation is able to apply for grants and raise revenue through giving campaigns and other activities in ways not possible for Bigfork Valley Hospital. As a foundation that is dedicated to the enrichment of the communities we serve - as well as ensuring our citizens continued access to quality health care - we are able to identify area needs and make recommendations on how to meet those needs.

How does the Bigfork Valley Community Foundation differ from the Bigfork Valley Endowment Fund?

Funds donated to the Bigfork Valley Community Foundation are administered through the Foundation, located in Bigfork, Minnesota. Such funds may be targeted for specific local projects and programs throughout the hospital district.

Funds donated to the Bigfork Valley Endowment Fund are administered by the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation, located in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. An endowment fund is one that is kept in perpetuity. The original contribution is invested and only the investment income and gains from the investment are used to support unmet needs of Bigfork Valley Hospital, Clinics, and Communities (Communities here refers to our Long Term Care and Senior Services departments).

Where does the Bigfork Valley Community Foundation get its funds?

The Bigfork Valley Community Foundation receives its contributions from individuals, businesses, private foundations, and municipal, state and federal sources.

Who governs the Bigfork Valley Community Foundation?

The Bigfork Valley Community Foundation’s governing Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated individuals who have a sincere interest in the well-being of the communities of the Northern Itasca Hospital District.


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